Yan upcycles an old shirt into a shopping bag

Today, I attended a support group activity for peers and caregivers in the Malaysian Mental Health Association. As someone who suffers from chronic pain and anxiety who is also close to people around me that suffers from mental health issues, I've always wanted to be part of a mental health support group to build and... Continue Reading →


Shanine’s Ultimate Guide to Organization: 5 tips to organizational heaven (part 1)

Once upon a time, I started playing Don't Starve with my friends. We dumped all the stuff we collected on the floor of our base. Soon enough, I realized it was a disastrous idea. First of all, it took us many clicks to find the item we wanted. Worst still, when the hounds came, I... Continue Reading →

Shanine’s peanut and spice

I had a lovely dinner with my family last night at Lucky cuisine, a Mala Chinese steamboat place. Mala, if you don’t already know, it an obsessively spicy cuisine originating from Sichuan.  There we were first introduced to this delicious medium sized bowl of peanut butter. The peanut butter was insanely delicious. It was magnificently... Continue Reading →

Yan’s nutritious breakfast

I used to always have the impression that I never have time to make my own healthy breakfast, but came to realize that it doesn't take very long to prepare one at all! I also used to have the wrong impression of what's a healthy breakfast due to marketing. I used to think drinking orange... Continue Reading →

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