Celebrating a Lovecraftian Halloween with making Cthulhu-themed RPG accessories

It's Halloween, one of my favourite festivals of the year for sure! I've decided to mix three of my favourite things to celebrate this special day, which are: Art, treats and Lovecraft! So, I hosted a Cthulhu art workshop alongside with my girl friend Shanine and it was so much fun! For those who didn't... Continue Reading →

Yan: “I’m trying my utmost, I swear.”

I'm really trying, please believe me. Sometimes, I feel very demotivated and torn apart. Because there's only that many bullets I can take. And my shield is broken. Living with a mental illness is very challenging for me, I don't expect everyone to understand, despite how I wish that the people around me can at... Continue Reading →

The Month of Beautiful Horror

In this month of Halloween, great horror has struck me. As I was feeling the calm before the storm, my shrink reduced my happy pills to see how I would respond (since I've been having anxiety over the weight I gained from it). Ever since then, invisible monsters invaded me. I felt very restless with... Continue Reading →

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