Defense of the Ancients- Shanine’s review

Getting ready to game I was first introduced to dota during my second year of medical school. It was an outlet for me to relax and release my emotions. It brought me through the ups and downs of my life. It was a beautiful world to escape into. I was more of a social player... Continue Reading →

Don’t Starve Together

Shanine's review: Mystical land filled with danger, will you survive? You are dropped into this fantastical land of adventure and mystery. There are no clear guides to how you should play. You are left to your own devices and trial and error. I wandered around and ate some monster meat before dying from insanity my... Continue Reading →

Yan’s review: Defense of the Ancients

During my teenage years, my mum has always been overprotective over me because I'm an only child (SCARE I NO MORE GOOD GRILLZ). She didn't let me go out much, hence I never really got to experience yumchaing in mamaks, singing K, drinking in pubs or clubbing. Hence, my only social window was through the... Continue Reading →


Shanine's review : We're big fans of Overcooked 1 and 2. It's a cooperative game for up to four players. How do I describe this game? Fun, hectic, mad and ADHD-inducing. It'll leave you and your three friends staring at the screen for hours in the end, looking like the bread zombie apocalypse is here!... Continue Reading →

Yan’s review: Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater is my go-to 2-player cooperative filler PC game as each stage only takes a few minutes to clear. It's a comedy platform game by The Behemoth, the same team who developed Castle Crashers. I love the game because it's light-hearted and humorous with opportunities of partner sabotage despite it being a co-op game.... Continue Reading →

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