Hello, sadness. You’re here to visit again.

Mood swings can alter how I feel. I feel sad now due to a mood swing. Sometimes, it shadows over me when I least expect it and the heart aches, even when life seems so perfect. Sometimes, it happens due to lack of self-care and sometimes for no reason at all! But I know that... Continue Reading →


Yan makes 5-minute berry yummy Greek yoghurt brekkie

My usual staple breakfast happen to be omelette paired with salad, so to switch things up I decided to have Greek yoghurt! I stumbled upon a local business selling delicious looking granola so I bought one to give it a try. It's super quick and easy to make and only took me less than 5... Continue Reading →

Yan’s period self-care guide

I just got my period today and it was awful. 😦 I had a head-splitting migraine that wasn't just painful but made me feel really heavy and dizzy. To top that off, I also had a deep stomach ache that made me curl into a ball. Today is a public holiday so thankfully I didn't... Continue Reading →

Yan’s low-carb omelette breakfast

I used to always have the impression that I never have time to make my own healthy breakfast, but came to realize that it doesn't take very long to prepare one at all! I also used to have the wrong impression of what's a healthy breakfast due to marketing. I used to think drinking orange... Continue Reading →

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