Yan makes delicious butterbeer

I absolutely LOVE butterbeer. It looks amazing, tastes really good and is super quick and easy to make. The recipe I used is one that didn't require cooking as I had a very short time to prepare for the party. Ingredients: A can of whipped creamSmucker's Butterscotch Sundae SyrupVirgil's Cream Soda or Flying Cauldron's Butterscotch... Continue Reading →


Yan makes 5-minute berry yummy Greek yoghurt brekkie

My usual staple breakfast happen to be omelette paired with salad, so to switch things up I decided to have Greek yoghurt! I stumbled upon a local business selling delicious looking granola so I bought one to give it a try. It's super quick and easy to make and only took me less than 5... Continue Reading →

Yan’s low-carb omelette breakfast

I used to always have the impression that I never have time to make my own healthy breakfast, but came to realize that it doesn't take very long to prepare one at all! I also used to have the wrong impression of what's a healthy breakfast due to marketing. I used to think drinking orange... Continue Reading →

Shanine tosses a white cheddar and apple salad

Shanine’s creation: One of my own creations. I am a huge cheese lover and  I love experimenting with different types of cheese. White cheddar goes very well with apple. Tofu is my fav- you can substitute tofu with other ingredients if you don't like tofu. The sauce goes with this salad perfectly. Sauce: 2 teaspoons... Continue Reading →

Shanine makes passion fruit curd

I had a bunch of passion fruit and decided to make some yummy curd. I love eating it with bread. It's so juicy! For this recipe, I used yellow passion fruit. Yes, there's a difference. There's a yellow type and a purple type of passion fruit. With the yellow type, you only have to use... Continue Reading →

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