Lovecraftian / Cthulhu fashion for various occasions

Being a big fan of Arkham Horror and Cthulhu-themed board games, I've put together a few Lovecraftian-inspired looks for various occasions. Do take note that I got many of my items from clearance sales so most of them are out of stock, hence I've given links to similar products that still work to achieve the... Continue Reading →

Hogwarts fashion

Here's how to achieve the Hogwarts school girl (or guy) look: Get a white collared shirt with tie based on your Hogwarts housePair it with a black/plaid skater skirt or slacks.Drape over a robe based on your Hogwarts house For the ladies, you can match this look with a vintage bag. I like the Avery... Continue Reading →

Star Wars fashion

Welcome to a new category for our blog! I've always been passionate in dressing up so I thought of sharing my style. Hope you'll enjoy it! I'll include links on where to get some of the items I wore or similar items in case you like what you see. I got this top from Cotton... Continue Reading →

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