10 things I love about Dungeons & Dragons (part 1)

1. Immersing yourself in a fantasy world I love the maps, the politics, the culture, everything! It is like being transported to another planet whenever I play D&D. 2. Dices! Once you start collecting them, you can never go back. 3. Blaming someone else for my firebolts #SorryNotSorry 4. Acting Or at least voice acting.... Continue Reading →


Yan makes DIY Dungeons & Dragons components

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons with my boardgamer friends for years and we thoroughly enjoy our never-ending adventure after adventure after adventure! My dungeon master puts lots of effort in creating quality content for us and puts lots of attention to detail into his script with description of immersive environments and even role plays... Continue Reading →

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Yan's review: I love dungeon crawlers but rarely encounter many dungeon crawling boardgames that are rich in story with an awesome gameplay. I also like stories that contain an underlying layer of darkness and a tinge of madness… and lo and behold, Arkham Horror: The Card Game combines the best of both worlds for me.... Continue Reading →


Shanine's review: I love Dominion so much. It's a game that's both light and heavy at the same time. It definitely hits the sweet spot. Every game is a vastly different game, which makes it one of the best replayable games out there. It's the game which first introduced me to card drafting games. I... Continue Reading →

Our top 10 favourite boardgames

One of our favourite off-screen activities is definitely boardgaming! Being lucky enough to make many boardgamer friends, we got to try out all sorts of boardgames from Euro to Ameritrash. Here are the games that made it to our top 10 list! As you can see, our tastes are pretty different despite sharing the same... Continue Reading →

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