Yan makes a D&D dice storage kit for her Dungeon Master

I've been introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by my Dungeon Master, Marc (also known as Ephyon Gaming, do visit his feed as he streams Dota and occasionally other games). He opened up this whole new world to me when he handed me the 5th Edition Player's Handbook. Ever since then, I have been pampered by... Continue Reading →


Yan crafts DIY magic wands

I recently threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my girl friend and wanted to make the guests a thematic door gift. So, I've decided to give them handcrafted magic wands! These wands are not only simple and fun to make, but the materials used are pretty low cost and easy to obtain. Materials... Continue Reading →

Yan makes D&D dice storage tomes

I've always wanted to own a book that looks like a tome, which can double up as a storage kit for my Dungeons & Dragons dices and components... so I decided to make one! Here's a guide on how you can make one for yourself. Don’t feel intimidated by how complex the books look, they’re... Continue Reading →

DIY flower garlands

Recently, I've been playing the game Don't Starve Together with Shanine. In the game, we made flower garlands for each other to wear as it provides sanity increase. This gave me the idea to start an art session of making flower garlands FOR REAL with Shanine. I love making flower garlands because I've got a... Continue Reading →

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