Yan makes DIY Dungeons & Dragons components

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons with my boardgamer friends for years and we thoroughly enjoy our never-ending adventure after adventure after adventure! My dungeon master puts lots of effort in creating quality content for us and puts lots of attention to detail into his script with description of immersive environments and even role plays... Continue Reading →


Yan upcycles an old shirt into a shopping bag

Today, I attended a support group activity for peers and caregivers in the Malaysian Mental Health Association. As someone who suffers from chronic pain and anxiety who is also close to people around me that suffers from mental health issues, I've always wanted to be part of a mental health support group to build and... Continue Reading →

Flower garlands

Recently, I've been playing the game Don't Starve Together with Shanine. In the game, we made flower garlands for each other to wear as it provides sanity increase. This gave me the idea to start an art session of making flower garlands FOR REAL with Shanine. I love making flower garlands because I've got a... Continue Reading →

DIY clothing hacks

We've been seeing many videos of people cutting up their old clothes and transforming them into new cropped tops. We finally decided to try it... and let me tell you, it turned out so BEAUTIFUL and comfy too! How to make it: Cut off the bottom area of an old t-shirt or oversized tee.Cut the... Continue Reading →

Our friendship shrine

We decided to create uplifting art by writing down and doodling positive traits of each other so that when we're feeling down, we can be reminded of how awesome we are.

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