Yan makes a D&D dice storage kit for her Dungeon Master

I’ve been introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by my Dungeon Master, Marc (also known as Ephyon Gaming, do visit his feed as he streams Dota and occasionally other games). He opened up this whole new world to me when he handed me the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook. Ever since then, I have been pampered by adventure over adventure over adventure within an engaging story filled with various creatures, monsters and bosses and all sorts of immersive environments… all created with great passion by Marc. I’ve always been very grateful to have a Dungeon Master like him and as a gesture to show my appreciation, I put together a dice storage kit (with a set of dices included) for his birthday as he recently lost his set of dices.

Guide on how to make a customized D&D dice storage kit


How to make:

  1. Lay out the alphabet stickers, pearl stickers and wood cutouts on the cover of the wooden box to get an idea on how you want the cover of the box to look like. I wanted the box to resemble D&D, so I turned the fence wood cutout upside down to resemble a dungeon and positioned the dragon wood cutout in front of it. You can use other decorative materials to decorate the cover of the box however you like. Keep in mind to use thick paper or wood cutouts for the alphabets and not foam as the foam material gets easily damaged if you paint over them.
  2. Once you have an idea where to place the decorative items on the cover of the box, use a hot glue gun to glue them in place.
  3. Paint the entire box in a base colour that you like with acrylic paint. I used black for the exterior and dark red for the interior as those combinations are to my Dungeon Master’s liking.
  4. When the paint is dried, I used metallic gold acrylic paint to paint the alphabets and dungeon. After that, I used dark red acrylic paint to paint the dragon.
  5. When everything is dried, I glued the middle part of the box with metallic 3D alphabet stickers, spelling out my Dungeon Master’s name.
  6. I placed the set of dices inside the box with the dice pouch and a printed scroll with a birthday message (it’s colour printed on regular A4 paper with a laser printer). I chose red and black dices with gold numbering for my Dungeon Master as those are his preferred colour combination.
  7. Finally, spray the whole box with an acrylic sealer spray to add a protection layer to it.

After an epic mission ended during a D&D session, we surprised our Dungeon Master and our paladin dwarf with a birthday surprise. Their birthday dates are near to each other so we decided to kill two birds in one stone. The D&D party transformed into a birthday party with gifts of NERF gun, Gundam, board game, cake and of course… my customized D&D dice storage kit. My Dungeon Master was very happy!

This is my DM, Marc with his birthday gifts. He got the board game, Starship Samurai (left) and of course, my customized D&D dice storage kit (right).
Here’s a picture of my group of board game friends crashing the D&D party. Can you spot which is me?
This is our paladin dwarf, Thorin… and his girlfriend aiming him with his brand new NERF gun. His birthday is near Marc’s so we celebrated their birthdays together.

On a side note, I want give a shout out to thank my good friend, Jiat Yit for painting my rogue miniatures. Her name is Enasha and she’s a half-elf. I’m really pleased!

I also want to showcase some of the DIY miniatures of enemies that we slaughtered recently. Getting real miniatures can be really pricey so for those who want a thriftier method to showcase your D&D characters, you can learn how to make these miniatures from this guide.

As you can tell, we fought many elementals of all sorts.

It’s been a great party today and now, it’s time for me to rest. I hope this guide on how to make a DIY dice storage kit was helpful for you or at least you enjoyed reading the blog post as much as I enjoyed making the gift. Good night! ❤

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