Yan crafts DIY magic wands

I recently threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my girl friend and wanted to make the guests a thematic door gift. So, I’ve decided to give them handcrafted magic wands! These wands are not only simple and fun to make, but the materials used are pretty low cost and easy to obtain.

Materials to prepare:

  • Disposable wooden chopsticks (you can get similar ones from DAISO)
  • Hot glue gun with glue stick
  • Acrylic paint in whatever colour you prefer your wands to be
  • Paint brush

Follow these simple steps to make the wands:

  • First, use the hot glue gun and dribble glue on the thicker part of the chopstick to create patterns on it. This will act as the design of the handle of the wand. If you have no idea what kind of pattern to create, you can refer to the picture below.
  • When the glue is completely dry, paint the entire chopstick with acrylic paint. I wanted two different kinds of wand finishing so I went with matte brown and metallic gold. I painted the wands with neater glue patterns with metallic gold and painted those with messier glue pattern with matte brown as it resembles the texture of wood.
  • After the wands are dry, I painted another coating to ensure the entire surface is completely covered with paint and let the wands dry for another round. I love how acrylic paint doesn’t take too long to dry up.
  • At this stage, you could spray a varnish to provide a protective coating to the wands. I skipped this step as I had a budget on this project.
  • And there you have it! The wands are ready!

These wands are great accessories to match a Hogwarts school girl/boy look. They also make really pretty decors on a Harry Potter themed table setting which doubles as a door gift! Not everyone can afford an official Harry Potter magic wand, so these wands are an affordable alternative.

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