10 things I love about Dungeons & Dragons (part 1)

1. Immersing yourself in a fantasy world

I love the maps, the politics, the culture, everything! It is like being transported to another planet whenever I play D&D.

2. Dices!

Once you start collecting them, you can never go back.

3. Blaming someone else for my firebolts


4. Acting

Or at least voice acting. Pretending to be someone else is one of my fav hobbies.

5. Living out my magic fantasies

As a Wizard, Sorceress or Warlock. Other classes also have plenty of magic options, which i love!

Read part 2 here!

4 thoughts on “10 things I love about Dungeons & Dragons (part 1)

Add yours

  1. I tend to run more games than I get to play, so for me coming up with cool plots and seeing what players do to them is my favourite. That, and coming up with npCs. That is always fun. Plus Warlocks are the best. Good post, thanks for sharing

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      1. thing is, if you want to have a perfectly crafted story that players don’t ruin, then write a novel. A good dm looks forward to what the players do, even when it is unexpected. A prepared DM, can cope and turn the tables just as easily


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