Shanine: Checkpoint reached. Time to level up!

Spoke with my long time friend yesterday. A friend I haven’t seen since 3 years ago when the sun was shining and Najib was still prime minister. Yes, dark times. 

Upon talking to him and telling him all about my hobbies and things I have been up to over the past 3 years,  I realized…

These past 3 years, I have lived life to the fullest.

I have gamed, sang, chilled, created, cooked, danced, played

Made a loooot of ice cream

Started Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Had many culinary adventures ( some blew up in my face – literally )

Started gamer grills with Yan.

Played VR for a full day and night

Sang impromptu les miserables and disney songs

Caving in Ipoh (somewhat dangerous but fun)

Yumchaing in mamaks with close friends till midnight. (Actually i think we started going there AT midnight)

Working to learn the intricacies of the corporate world

Did everything I’ve always wanted to do. Found my interests and pursued them, with all my heart.

Some have failed and some have succeeded. It has been a beautiful journey thus far. 

And I am thankful. To more happy adventures to come!

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