Yan makes affordable DIY Dungeons & Dragons components

I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons with my boardgamer friends for years and we thoroughly enjoy our never-ending adventure after adventure after adventure! My dungeon master puts lots of effort in creating quality content for us and puts lots of attention to detail into his script with description of immersive environments and even role plays with voice acting for the characters he creates. I’m very grateful that we have him as our dungeon master and always wanted to contribute or assist him in ways that I can so I’ve decided to transform some of his creations with DIY components that we can use during the gameplay.

Materials you need:

I’ve included links on where to get some of the materials, simply click on the underlined text to find out more!

  • Mounting board, long steel ruler, cutter and A4 paper – you can get all these materials at practically any art shop, I usually get these from Art Friend
  • Spray mount – I prefer to use spray mount over the usual glue because it’s fast to use and distributes evenly on the surface, but you can always use regular glue instead
  • Coloured printer or go for a coloured printing service
  • 2mm standees

First, I made Photoshop edits on images that I found on the net that resemble the characters in our game and printed them on an A4 paper. Next, I glued them front and back on a mounting board and cut them out. For the characters, I placed them on standees that can support thickness up to 2mm.

While sourcing for images, I looked for similar art style so that everything look thematically harmonious. I got a good variety of my images from D&D Beyond. I just added a background behind each character and tweaked the colours so that they blend well with the foreground. Make sure that the background chosen is thematically relevant and isn’t too overpowering as the key hero is the character.

My dungeon master uses a grid mat in our game so for the environmental components, I added a grid on them as well so that it can be easily placed on the mat.

Adding these components into the game is a thrifty method to enhance the thematic value in our gameplay. It’s a small touch but makes a huge difference!

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