Star Wars fashion

Welcome to a new category for our blog! I’ve always been passionate in dressing up so I thought of sharing my style. Hope you’ll enjoy it! I’ll include links on where to get some of the items I wore or similar items in case you like what you see.

I got this top from Cotton On, it’s really comfy and a great casual wear for day to day game night sessions. I really like this top for it’s off-shoulder cutting which adds a sexy touch. I pair this top with my favourite pair of Uniqlo jeggings. I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells this shirt anymore but found a similar alternative here. Also, I love Uniqlo jeggings to bits and they are the only thing close to jeans that I wear because they are very durable, flexible and I don’t have to worry about buying new jeans whenever my body changes through the month!

For a monochrome look, I choose this Darth Vader with Stormtrooper selfie top to pair with these sick droid leggings. I LOVE droid leggings. They look really realistic and you can wear them to workout! So this look doesn’t just work for day to day outings but when you hit the gym as well! Unfortunately, I can’t find the source for the leggings that I’m wearing but you can get similar ones here.

Finally, if you want to push the droid look further, you can pair the droid leggings with an R2D2 top. You can get a similar version here. For my shoes, I went with my favourite black boots that I got from a Top Shop clearance a long time ago. You can get similar boots here. This wraps up three of my Star Wars look, hope you like them and may the force be with you!

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