Halloween art workshop: Cthulhu spellbook & storage crate

This Halloween, let's craft something Lovecraftian / Cthulhu-themed while sipping on a potion drink and munching on Halloween treats in a horror ambient! As a passionate boardgamer who loves to play Lovecraftian board games such as Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness, Yan has put together an art workshop that combines art with her love... Continue Reading →


Joker igniting mental health awareness

It's World Mental Health Day 2019! So, here's a blog post on Joker that touches the issues of mental health. *** SPOILER ALERT *** Don't continue reading if you haven't watched Joker. Yan's thoughts after watching Joker: The movie Joker offers a glimpse of how it’s like to suffer from a mental condition without any... Continue Reading →

Yan makes delicious butterbeer

I absolutely LOVE butterbeer. It looks amazing, tastes really good and is super quick and easy to make. The recipe I used is one that didn't require cooking as I had a very short time to prepare for the party. Ingredients: A can of whipped creamSmucker's Butterscotch Sundae SyrupVirgil's Cream Soda or Flying Cauldron's Butterscotch... Continue Reading →

Yan crafts DIY magic wands

I recently threw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my girl friend and wanted to make the guests a thematic door gift. So, I've decided to give them handcrafted magic wands! These wands are not only simple and fun to make, but the materials used are pretty low cost and easy to obtain. Materials... Continue Reading →

Hogwarts fashion

Here's how to achieve the Hogwarts school girl (or guy) look: Get a white collared shirt with tie based on your Hogwarts housePair it with a black/plaid skater skirt or slacks.Drape over a robe based on your Hogwarts house For the ladies, you can match this look with a vintage bag. I like the Avery... Continue Reading →

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